Management Team

Management Team

陈泽芳 Grace Chen

She is awarded the title of special-grade senior principal and president of national management innovation model. She is currently the vice president of the Affiliated Foreign language school of SCNU, deputy director of education development center of SCNU, deputy secretary general of primary and secondary schools of Guangdong Province, vice president of Guangzhou Lingnan Tongwen Education Investment Co.,Ltd . She has been the Principal of key middle school in Sichuan for more than ten years , the President of the school group for nearly eight years and the deputy director of the Education Bureau of Wuhou district. She is also a representative of the municipal people's congress , a part-time superintendent of the District government , City Education Management leader and the leading person of the city President's studio. She was listed as an educator in China's education society.


李  红

She is the vice president of Affiliated Foreign language school of SCNU, Organizers and practitioners of the school-based curriculum development. She has won the title of “Cambridge English Star Teacher’’and worked in international school for 20 years . She has rich educational and teaching management experience and foreign exchange work experience . She has participated in Education management major of Beijing Normal University, the Interdisciplinary Programs development of Worcester Academy in America and the seminar of open university teaching management in Hong Kong.


宋要武  Walter  Song

    He is the former deputy director of the education development research center in Liwan district of Guangzhou and in charge of middle school teaching and research work for secondary school.He is a senior teacher in English middle school and engages in English teaching for more than 30 years. He has formed a rigorous and fun style of teaching which was welcomed by students. He is one of the teachers attending English training abroad allowed by Guangzhou Education Bureau at the first time.In the past 40 years of education, he has served as the head of the school English Group, Dean's Office deputy director, vice-principal, district deputy director of teaching and research office, Executive director of the English teaching and research council of urban middle school, secretary general, president, vice president and other duties. He has extensive experience in teaching management and teaching quality monitoring.


黄冬梅 Mandy Huang

She is the director of curriculum and teacher development of foreign language school of SCNU. She is a first-level Chinese teacher of middle school, district-level backbone teacher, and an excellent teacher of private education in Guangzhou.In the past 25 years of teaching,she has served as Director of the guidance office for 8 years, participated in Chinese teaching reform experiment of "motion, reason, knowledge, ability", participated in school curriculum preparation and implementation plan.He has won the first prize in reading teaching competition of middle-aged Chinese teachers and the first prize in the writing competition of the "Chinese newspaper cup".

林淑贞  Lynn Lin

from English education major of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, She is currently pursuing a master's degree in "International Education Reform and Leadership" at the Education University of Hong Kong.She has been working in English teaching since 2009 and serving as the examiner of KET and PET since the beginning of 2011. Her lively and interesting courses are welcomed by students. She has a lot of experience in language acquisition so that his lively, interesting course is popular with students. Been working at IB International School since 2011,  she has served as Assistant to the IB MYP Coordinator, Assistant to the Principal and Head of the English Group and Head Teacher.She has unique insights in international education project and information education.


郑伟  David Zheng

   He is the Deputy director of secondary school student growth guidance of Affiliated Foreign language school of SCNU. He is qualified as a student development instructor and member of the education information center group in Tianhe district of Guangzhou. He has more than ten years' experience in moral education in international schools.

Primary School

纪勇  Windy Ji

   She is the Director of student development of foreign language school of SCNU. She has the qualification certificate of student development instructor. She has many years of experience in education and teaching and rich experience in teacher management and student management. She has worked as a teaching manager for education at schools and institutions.


梁彦文 Wenliya Liang

She is a senior (deputy senior) Chinese teacher of Primary school. She engaged in primary and secondary school language teaching for 35 years andserved as education and teaching management (teaching director) for 18 years;She is the advanced workers of Cantonese language, Guangzhou City, an excellent member of guangzhou democratic promotion association, third-class merits of Yuexiu District Government, the first prize of the quality teaching skills of the quality teachers in guangzhou elementary school; She presides over several scientific research projects, so as to be awarded the outstanding host of the excellent experimental school and the project by the teaching and research office of the provincial teaching office;Her essays have been published and won in the national provincial teaching journal.

张新  Kelly Zhang

  She is a senior teacher of primary school, member of the teaching and research center of Panyu district in Guangzhou, outstanding student of backbone teachers training in Guangdong Province, B-Certificate of mental health education in Guangdong Province and Certificate ofInternational IB Teacher.She has been teaching in Guangdong Country Garden Education Group for 12 years.Her students won the first prize in the English competition of primary school in Guangzhou and won the gold medal in the international English competition. She has won the first prize of the national paper competition, participated in municipal open classes on behalf of the school and participated in national English teaching research and published papers.

安立峰   Ang

He is the Deputy director of student growth guidance of foreign language school of SCUN. He is a senior primary school teacher. He taught for 10 years and was in charge for student management for nine years. He has won the Second prize of basic skills of young teachersand the title of excellent teacher in Luogang district.


Administrative logistics


郭洵 Gary Guo 

He is the deputy director of the Admissions Office of the School of Foreign Languages, Affiliated to South China Normal University . He has 9 years experience in education andwas involved in the construction of the International Education Institute of Lingnan Vocational and Technical College,the construction ofGuangzhou office of nanyang technological university in Singapore and the construction ofthe Affiliated Foreign language school of SCNU.He is engaged in international education, project management, enrollment publicity, administrative affairs and so on.

张建平 Jianping Zhang

He is an MBA (Master of Business Administration) at Sun Yat-sen University and a Senior Human Resource Manager.He has experience in human resources management in the communications, real estate and education sectors and rich practical experience in human resources for 15 years.